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CEREC® is a top-of-the-line technological tool that has the ability to quickly restore your smile with either a dental crown, veneer, or inlay/onlay. This equipment makes a dental crown in a tooth-shaped cap made of a strong, reliable dental material, in the course of one day. It’s made to better your smile and fits neatly over a weak, discolored, severely decayed, and broken tooth.

When you restore your smile with a CEREC crown, the restoration is available during your initial appointment. In comparison when placing an original dental crown, your dentist would need to make impressions of your tooth, send those impressions to a dental lab, and wait for the dental lab technicians to create your new crown. This could take days or even weeks! Due to CEREC’s quick and efficient system, you can have your teeth examined and your dental crown made and placed within one visit.

CEREC is a high-tech computer and crown-making system that uses an image of your tooth and neighboring teeth to create a new dental crown. Using the special software to design the dental crown perfectly for your smile, your dentist can even make sure it’s the proper color to match your smile. Compared to other types of crowns, the CEREC can also create a stronger dental crown.

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