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Your dentist may recommend that you have a dental bridge replace one or more teeth that have been lost from your smile. If you are not very family with dental bridges, we invite you to read the information we have provided on the process of placing a dental bridge.

The process of dental bridge creation and placement is simple and requires about two visits to Morgan Family Dentistry.

First, our skilled dentist will trim the two neighboring teeth to remove the enamel and form abutments so that the bridge can anchor to your smile. An impression of the abutments and any relevant teeth will be made and sent to the dental lab as a highly detailed model of the requirements of the dental bridge. In the meantime, we will protect your abutments and improve the function of your smile by placing two temporary dental crowns.

Your second visit to our office is much shorter, as we only need to remove the temporary crowns and ensure your dental bridge has the proper look and quality before it is cemented in place. You are then ready to show the world your new smile!

To learn more about dental bridges in Richlands, North Carolina, or to schedule a visit to our office, contact our dentist and team at 910-324-1283 today. Our dentists, Drs. Kenneth Morgan Sr., Thomas Morgan, Dr. Kimberly Morgan, Dr. Whitney Mitchell, and Dr. Martin Baker, are happy to help you with your oral health needs!