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The yellowing or staining of your teeth occurs naturally over time as you age. Habits like smoking are not the only ways your teeth may become yellow. Simply eating certain foods and drinking common beverages have the effect of dulling the whiteness your teeth previously displayed. If this has happened to you, try reaching out to your dentist to discover their tooth whitening options.


While there are many over-the-counter products to choose from at your local drugstore, they all have different requirements and varying effects. Your dentist will tell you that the safest and most effective dental bleaching treatment can be found in his dental office. The concentrated whitening agents at the dentist are far more potent than anything sold in stores.


The procedure for tooth whitening by your dentist goes something like this:


-Prior to the bleaching, your gums will be shielded with a special gel or rubber dam to protect them from the bleach.


-A concentrated whitening gel is poured into form-fitting dental trays and inserted into your mouth over your teeth.


-Your teeth will keep contact with the bleaching gel for several minutes. The length of time needed is determined by the level of discoloration.


-Once your teeth are thoroughly bleached, an ultraviolet light may also be directed upon your teeth to further brighten them. This will further erase all traces of staining that may be deep within the enamel of the tooth.


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