Start by speaking with your dentist. He or she can tell you what procedures will be effective for you. Whiteners, even professional grade, may not correct all types of discoloration. For example, yellow-hued teeth generally bleach well, while brown-colored teeth bleach less well, and gray-hued teeth do not bleach well at all. If you have had bonding or natural colored fillings on your front teeth, the whitener will not affect the color of these materials, so they will likely stand out in your new bright smile. If this is the case, you may want to look into other options, such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding.


Types of Whitening

There are several options available to brighten and whiten your smile. Ask us about products to use at home and options for whiter smiles right in our office. We will happily help you determine which style of teeth whitening best fits your individual needs and preferences.

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