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When you have suffered a severe blow to the face due to an automotive collision or athletic accident, this can cause some significant damage to your mouth. When a dental trauma like this occurs, it may be just enough force to knock a tooth out, damaging not only your smile but connective tissues. You need to seek emergency dental care from Dr. Morgan and our team when this happens.

The surrounding periodontal tissues or tooth may have suffered significant harm as well, so our dental professionals will determine which course of treatment is best, which may involve extracting the remains of the tooth. Then your gums can comfortably heal over time, and our team will be sure to prescribe the right pain medication.

After your gums have healed and there is no other extensive mouth injuries, your smile can undergo the restoration process using a dental bridge! First, Dr. Morgan will make an impression to be sent in and made. A dental bridge is created at a dental lab, where they use durable dental materials that will rival natural tooth enamel and help the tooth last for a long time.

Once it is made, you will come in for it to be placed. Your dentist will anchor it in your mouth with the use of two abutments, using the healthy core of the two teeth surrounding the empty space. A dental drill is used to remove tooth enamel from each neighboring tooth to help fill the void and place the new dental bridge. Dr. Morgan will then use a special dental adhesive to cement the dental bridge into place.

If you’ve experienced dental trauma and require restorative tooth care, call our Richlands, North Carolina, office for a consultation or appointment at 910-324-1283. Our team at Morgan Family Dentistry strive to give you the care you need and deserve to get your best smile!