Similarities and Differences in Caring for Dentures and Natural Teeth

Did you recently start wearing dentures? Are you trying to figure out a good way to care for them? Today, dentures could be created by using synthetic materials like plastic, porcelain or by combining the two. How you care for your dentures can greatly impact their lifespan. Even though dentures... Read more »

Brushing, Flossing and Your Oral Health

Building your best smile begins with optimum oral hygiene. How often do you focus on your oral hygiene? If you don't set aside a few minutes every day to clean your teeth, your mouth will slowly deteriorate. This is because brushing and flossing are essential for removing debris and harmful... Read more »

Add Mouthwash to Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If you need a boost in your oral health routine, then try adding mouthwash as a welcome addition! Your oral health is essential, and mouthwash has many things to offer your smile. Our dentists at Morgan Family Dentistry in Richlands, North Carolina, care for your oral health and are happy... Read more »

Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Tooth Restorations

  Enhancing your smile includes removing any risks associated with dental damage. If you do suffer from dental damage, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Numerous treatments exist for all sorts of needs depending on your exact oral health care desires. Whether you're looking for... Read more »

Teeth Whitening for Smile Brightening

The yellowing or staining of your teeth occurs naturally over time as you age. Habits like smoking are not the only ways your teeth may become yellow. Simply eating certain foods and drinking common beverages have the effect of dulling the whiteness your teeth previously displayed. If this has happened... Read more »

The Comprehensive Process of Placing a Dental Bridge

Your dentist may recommend that you have a dental bridge replace one or more teeth that have been lost from your smile. If you are not very family with dental bridges, we invite you to read the information we have provided on the process of placing a dental bridge. The... Read more »

Care for Your Smile by Learning About Chewing Gum

  Are you aware of the help saliva is for your oral health? Due to the fact that saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth, it adds an additional layer of protection for your oral health care to ensure various forms of dental erosion are minimized. One effective... Read more »

Halitosis Causes

Bad breath, which is also called halitosis, is a big downer in many situations. Sometimes having bad breath just indicates that you need to brush your teeth or use a mint, but that is not always enough. Read on for some of the most common causes of bad breath: Dental... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Block Bacteria From Vulnerable Teeth

Tooth decay is very harmful to your oral health because it can cause many adverse health conditions. If not treated, cavities keep growing and spreading to more of the tooth, eventually causing total tooth loss and gum disease. If you have vulnerable teeth, our dentist can help prevent cavities by... Read more »

How to Care for Your Dental Veneers

Do you ever feel ashamed or embarrassed of your smile? Do you have imperfections that mar the beauty of your smile? Would you like to boost your confidence? Ask our dentist about veneers. Dental veneers are thin shells made from a tooth-colored material. They are placed over the front of... Read more »